Songs by Recording

Act I
1.Raised By The Railroad Line (Craft) 2:59
2.Darling Corey (trad.) 3:43
3.Want Of A Woman (Craft) 2:16
4.Sweet Baby James (Taylor) 3:09
5.Joshua (trad.) 2:41
6.Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown (trad.) 3:11
7.City Of New Orleans (Goodman) 3:02
8.With Body And Soul (Stauffer) 3:57
9.Summertime Is Past And Gone (Monroe) 2:13
10.500 Miles (West) 3:21
11.Cannonball (trad.) 2:445
12.What Am I Doing Hanging Around (Murphey) 2:53
Act II
1."Last Train From Poor Valley" (Blake) 3:45
2."Gardens And Memories" (Starling) 2:46
3."Paradise" (Prine) 2:26
4."Small Exception Of Me" (Hatch) 3:04
5."Train Leaves Here This Morning" (Clark, Leadon) 3:07
6."Keep Me From Blowin Away" (Craft) 2:46
7."Hello Mary Lou" (Mangiaracina, Pitney) 2:23
8."Lara's Theme" (Jarre) 1:24
9."I've Lost You" (Scruggs) 2:42
10."The Sweetest Gift" (Coats) 2:42
11."Reason For Being" (Duffey) 3:24
12."Smokin' Hickory" (Eldridge) 2:25
13."House Of Gold" (Williams) 3:14
1."Chim-Chim-Cher-Ee" (Sherman) – 1:20
2."Little Georgia Rose" (Monroe) – 2:57
3."Another Lonesome Day" (Thatcher) – 2:04
4."Willie Boy" (Rosenthal) – 2:57
5."Faded Love" (Bob Wills/John Wills) – 2:04
6."Rider" (trad.) – 5:23
7."Muddy Water" (Rosenthal) – 3:00
8."Mean Mother Blues" (Starling) – 3:00
9."Sing Me Back Home" (Haggard) – 2:56
10."Hail To The Redskins" (Breeskin, Griffith) – 1:53
11."Don't Bother with White Satin" (Duffey, Hill) – 2:55
12."Heaven" (McSpadden) – 2:56
Old Train
1."Appalachian Rain" (Craft) – 2:38
2."Wait a Minute" (Chaz, Pedersen, Williams) – 3:31
3."Different Roads" (Starling) – 2:31
4."Old Train" (Pedersen, Pedersen) – 2:15
5."Through the Bottom of the Glass" (Craft) – 2:22
6."Old Crossroads" (Traditional) – 3:08
7."Pan American" (Williams) – 2:40
8."Working on a Building" (Traditional) – 3:33
9."Walk Through This World With Me" (Savage, Seamons) – 2:02
10."Maybe You Will Change Your Mind" (Reno, Smiley) – 2:32
11."Traveling On and On" (Traditional) – 2:43
12."C & O Canal" (Starling) – 2:35
Live at the Cellar Door
1.Doing My Time 5:38
2.California Cottonfields 3:08
3.Band Intros 1:15
4.Panhandle Country 2:13
5.Muddy Waters (Rosenthal) 3:14
6.Rawhide 2:41
7.Baby Blue 3:39
8.City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman) 3:03
9.Grandfather's Clock 4:50
10.The Fields Have Turned Brown 3:15
11.Hit Parade of Love 3:18
12.Will the Circle Be Unbroken? (trad.) 3:26
13.Pick Away 2:40
14.Dark Hollow 2:10
15.Small Exception of Me (Hatch, Trent) 3:15
16.If I Were a Carpenter (Tim Hardin) 3:00
17.Old Gray Bonnet 2:33
18.C & O Canal (Starling) 3:09
19.Georgia Rose 3:04
20.Colorado Turnaround 2:37
21.He Rode All the Way to Texas 2:36
22.White Line 3:34
23.Rider (Traditional) 7:10
The New Seldom Scene Album
1.Big Rig (Taylor) 03:44
2.If That's the Way You Feel (Stanley, Stanley) 02:59
3.Easy Ride from Good Times to the Blues (Pedersen) 03:05
4.Paradise Valley (trad.) 03:19
5.California Earthquake (Crowell) 05:22
6.Railroad Man (trad.) 03:16
7.Answer Your Call (Starling) 03:59
8.I Haven't Got the Right to Love You (Buchanan, Claude) 02:38
9.Song for the Life (Crowell) 03:32
10.Rebels Ye Rest (Beauchamp) 02:34
11.Pictures from Life's Other Side (trad.) 04:15

1."By the Side of the Road" (Brumley) – 4:09
2."Brother John" (Rosenthal) – 3:04
3."Dreaming of a Little Cabin" (Traditional) – 3:54
4."Fallen Leaves" (Jones) – 3:22
5."He Took Your Place" (Flatt, Scruggs) – 2:46
6."Take Him In" (Rosenthal) – 2:13
7."Hobo on a Freight Train to Heaven" (Weideman) – 2:39
8."Will You Be Ready to Go Home?" (Williams) – 2:34
9."Were You There?" (Traditional) – 3:25
10."Walk With Him Again" (Rosenthal) – 2:49
11."Gospel Medley" (Traditional) – 4:09
The Best of the Seldom Scene
1.City of New Orleans (Goodman) 2:57
2.Sing Me Back Home (Haggard) 2:56
3.Muddy Water (Rosenthal) 3:00
4.500 Miles (West) 3:17
5.Hello Mary Lou (Mangiaracina, Pitney) 2:16
6.Small Exception of Me (Hatch, Trent) 2:58
7.Sweet Baby James (Taylor) 3:06
8.Heaven (McSpadden) 2:56
9.With Body and Soul (Stauffer) 3:56
10.Paradise (Prine) 2:18
11.Darling Corey 3:43
12.Cannonball 2:39
13.Sweetest Gift (Coats) 2:34
14.Another Lonesome Day (Thatcher) 2:04
15.Little Georgia Rose (Monroe) 2:57
16.Rider (trad.) 5:23
Act IV
1."Something in the Wind" (Rosenthal) – 03:15
2."Girl in the Night" (Thompson) – 03:51
3."Ride Me Down Easy" (Shaver) – 02:25
4."Leaving Harlan" (Rosenthal) – 03:00
5."Tennessee Blues" (Monroe) – 03:14
6."Life Is Like a Mountain Railway" (Traditional) – 03:37
7."I Don't Know You" (Moreno & Black) – 02:38
8."California Blues" (Rodgers, Terry) – 03:53
9."San Antonio Rose" (Wills) – 02:29
10."Daddy Was a Railroad Man" (Rosenthal) – 02:29
11."Walking the Blues" (Gray) – 03:59
12."This Weary Heart You Stole Away" (Stanley) – 02:39
After Midnight
1.Lay Down Sally (Clapton, Levy, Terry) 4:08
2.Hearts Overflowing (Brewer) 3:56
3.The Old Home Town (Flatt) 2:39
4.Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman, Razaf, Sampson, Webb) 3:28
5.The Border Incident (Duffey) 4:25
6.Come Early Morning (McDill) 2:56
7.After Midnight (Cale) 4.51
8.If I Had Lef It Up To You (Haggard) 3:24
9.Heartsville Pike (McReynolds) 3:26
10.Stolen Love (Rosenthal) 3:51
11.Let Our Mother Nature Have Her Way (Clark, Southerland) 3:07
At the Scene
1."A Girl I Know" (Rosenthal) – 2:48
2."Jamaica, Say You Will" (Jackson Browne) – 3:27
3."Open up the Window, Noah" (Rosenthal) – 2:23
4."Winter Wind" (Rosenthal) – 2:42
5."Heal It" (Hill, Reo) – 3:41
6."The Weary Pilgrim" (Rosenthal) – 2:43
7."It Turns Me Inside Out" (Crutchfield) – 3:30
8."The Champion" (Landis) – 3:32
9."Born of the Wind" (Paul Craft) – 2:38
10."Peaceful Dreams" (Handy) – 4:30
11."Let Our Mother Nature Have Her Way" (Clark, Southerland) – 3:07
12."I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers" (Hayes) – 3:04
13."Some Morning Soon" (Lynch) – 3:36
Blue Ridge with Jonathan Edwards
1."Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky" (Flatt, Scruggs) 03:37
2."How Long Have I Been Waiting for You" (Edwards) 01:57
3."Blue Ridge" (Artis, Mallis) 03:31
4."Seven Daffodils' (Hays, Moseley) 03:42
5."Sunshine" (Edwards) 02:57
6."Back to Where I Don't Belong" (Rosenthal) 02:40
7."If I Gave You" (Gray, Gray, Martin) 02:36
8."Honey, I Won't Be Around" (Rosenthal) 02:53
9."Only a Hobo" (Bob Dylan) 03:22
10."God Gave You to Me" (Stanley) 02:47
11."Little Hands" (Edwards) 03:08
12."I Don't Believe I'll Stay Here Anymore" (Anderson) 03:26
13."Don't Crawfish Me, Baby" (Emerson, W.B.) 04:17
15th Anniversary Celebration
1. "Sitting on Top of the World" Burnett, Chatmon, Dylan 3:40
2. "Big Train (From Memphis)" (Live) Fogerty 2:52
3. "Lorena" Auldridge, Duffey, trad 3:42
4. "Dark as a Dungeon" (Live) Travis 3:52
5. "Blue Ridge" Artis, Mallis 3:45
6. "Raised by the Railroad Line" Craft 3:18
7. "You Don't Know My Mind" (Live) Skinner 2:54
8. "Drifting Too Far from the Shore" (Live) Traditional 3:29
9. "Those Memories of You" (Live) OBryant 3:46
10. "Keep Me from Blowing Away" (Live) Craft 3:14
11. "Wheels" Hart, Hillman, Parsons 3:13
12. "Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn" McDill, Rushing 3:16
13. "If I Needed You" VanZandt 3:21
14. "Rose of Old Kentucky" Monroe 2:57
15. "I Couldn't Find My Walking Shoes" Brown, Overstreet 4:04
16. "Working on a Building" Seldom Scene, Traditional 4:51
17. "Say You Lied" Smith 2:32
18. "High on a Hilltop" Collins 3:29
19. "The Sweetest Gift" Coats 2:51
20. "Take Me in Your Lifeboat" Traditional 2:58
A Change of Scenery
1. "Breaking New Ground" Carl Jackson, Salley 3:10
2. "Casting My Shadow in the Road" Rushing, Rushing, Scruggs 3:46
3. "Settin' Me Up" Knopfler 3:46
4. "Alabama Clay" Larry Cordle, Scaife 4:29
5. "I'll Be No Stranger There" Alcorn, Combs, Sebren 2:13
6. "West Texas Wind" Ims 4:14
7. "Satan's Choir" Campbell 3:55
8. "In Despair" Ahr, Pennington 2:32
9. "What Goes On" Lennon, McCartney 3:50
10. "Brand New Walking Shoes" Larry Cordle, Patton 3:25
11. "One Way Rider" Crowell, Crowell 3:45
Scenic Roots
1.If You Ever Change Your Mind (Carl Jackson, Stuart) 02:07
2.Lots in a Memory (Wes Golding) 03:41
3.The Wrath of God (Delmore, Delmore) 02:34
4.Before I Met You (Lewis, Rader, Seitz) 03:13
5.Red Georgia Clay (Coleman, Pyrtle) 02:25
6.I've Cried My Last Tear over You (Delmore, Jackson) 02:57
7.Not in My Arms (Coleman, Pyrtle) 02:24
8.Highway of Heartache (Carl Jackson, Rushing) 03:17
9.Long Black Veil (Dill, Wilkin) 04:12
10.Last Call to Glory (Duffey) 02:38
11.Distant Train (Coleman, Pyrtle) 02:24
12.How Mountain Girls Can Love (Rakes) 02:06
Scene 20th Anniversary Celebration
1.Introduction 00:43
2.I Haven't Got the Right to Love You (Buchanan, Claude) 03:05
3.Gardens and Memories (Starling) 03:42
4.House of Gold (Williams) 04:08
5.Pictures from Life's Other Side (Traditional) 06:02
6.Satan's Jeweled Crown (Eden) 04:27
7.Will You Be Ready to Go Home (Williams) 03:02
8.Mean Mother Blues (Starling) 03:58
9.Were You There When They Crucified My Lord? (Traditional) 04:09
10.The Weary Pilgrim (Rosenthal) 03:17
11.Leavin' Harlan (Rosenthal) 05:07
12.Take Him In (Rosenthal) 03:19
13.Stompin' at the Savoy (Goodman, Razaf, Sampson, Webb) 03:52
14.Something in the Wind (Rosenthal) 04:07
15.Muddy Water (Rosenthal) 03:41
16.Open Up the Window, Noah (Rosenthal) 02:59
17.Breakin' New Ground (Carl Jackson, Jerry Salley) 04:19
18.Old Train (Herb Pedersen, Nikki Pedersen) 02:13
19.Wait a Minute (Herb Pedersen) 04:59
20.Blue Ridge Cabin Home (Certain, Stacey) 03:11
21.Gypsy Moon (Coleman, Reid) 04:36
22.Walk Through This World with Me (Savage, Seamons) 02:43
23.In the Pines (Traditional) 04:39
24.And on Bass (Coleman) 04:01
25.Another Lonesome Day (Thatcher) 02:33
26.Have Mercy on My Soul (Coleman, Reid) 03:33
27.House of the Rising Sun/Walk Don't Run (Smith, Traditional) 08:32
28.In the Midnight Hour (Steve Cropper, Wilson Pickett) 03:34
Like We Used to Be
1.Grandpa Get Your Guitar (McCullough, Jim Rushing) 02:54
2.Let Me Be Your Friend (Carter Stanley) 02:45
3.Like I Used to Do (Pat Alger, Tim O'Brien) 04:06
4.Highway of Pain (Dauphin) 03:46
5.Cheap Whiskey (Emory Gordy Jr., Jim Rushing) 03:46
6.Philadelphia Lawyer (Woody Guthrie) 03:26
7.Almost Threw Your Love Away (Germino, Hylton) 03:56
8.The Other Side of Town (Clark, Williams, Williams) 02:59
9.She's More to Be Pitied (Rakes) 03:01
10.Heaven's Green Fields (Jim Rushing, Shamblin) 02:49
11.I've Come to Take You Home (Coleman, Duffey) 03:09
12.I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers (Hayes) 03:04
13.Some Morning Soon (Lynch, Lynch) 03:36
Dream Scene
1.Dry Run Creek (McPeak) 2:34
2.Going up on the Mountain (Gamble, Huff) 3:17
3.Willie Roy (Williams) 4:40
4.Tulsa Chili Bop (Pennington) 3:09
5.When I Get My Rewards (Kennerley) 3:40
6.They're at Rest Together (Traditional) 2:59
7.The Boatman (Hylton) 3:33
8.Love of the Mountains (Mills) 2:46
9.Little Sparrow (Fair Tender Ladies) (Traditional) 5:21
10.The Shape I'm In (Connell) 3:45
11.Blue Diamond (Ritchie) 5:15
12.Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty) 2:21
Scene it All
1.Rollin' and Tumblin' (Morganfield, Muddy Waters) 4:07
2.Dusty (Norris) 3:32
3.I Will Always Be Waiting for You (McReynolds, McReynolds) 2:43
4.Blue and Lonesome (Monroe, Williams) 2:59
5.You Better Get Right (Smith, Smith) 2:19
6.Walking the Dog (Grishen, Pierce) 2:45
7.From This Moment On (Bonnie Guitar) 3:40
8.When the Walls Come Tumblin' Down (Graham, Jackson, Laney) 2:50
9.Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan) 4:51
10.Trust in the Tide (Mendelsohn) 3:10
11.One Step Up (Bruce Springsteen) 3:46
12.Nadine (Chuck Berry) 3:39 A » From This Moment On (Bonnie Guitar) 2:06 (Hidden track)A
1.Hometown Blues (Steve Earle) 3:07
2.Heart and Soul (David Norris) 3:18
3.This Morning at Nine (Sidney Campbell) 2:31
4.A Hundred and Ten in the Shade (John Fogerty) 4:03
5.Katie Dear (Public Domain) 4:07
6.Sweetest Love (Carter Stanley) 2:27
7.Don't Bother with White Satin (John Duffey, Ann Hill) 3:00
8.Mama Tried (Merle Haggard) 2:09
9.You Remind Me of the Blues (Paul Craft) 2:25
10.Please Be with Me (Scott Boyer) 3:24
11.Sad Old Train (Donna Hughes) 2:54
12.Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Bob Dylan) 3:58
13.Too Bad You're No Good (Paul Craft, Cadillac Holmes) 2:47
Different Roads
1.Different Roads (John Starling) 2:35
2.Old Train (Herb Pedersen, Nikki Pedersen) 2:19
3.Walk Through This World With Me (Savage, Seamons) 2:07
4.Gardens and Memories (John Starling) 2:44
5.Wait a Minute (Herb Pedersen) 3:38
6.Rebels 'Ye Rest (Pauline Beauchamp) 2:34
7.Last Train from Poor Valley (Norman Blake) 3:43
8.I've Lost You (Earl Scruggs) 2:39
9.Keep me from Blowin' Away (Paul Craft) 2:45
10.Reason for Being (John Duffey, hill) 3:22
11.If That's the Way You Feel (Ralph Stanley, Carter Stanley) 2:58
12.Easy Ride from Good Times to the Blues (Herb Pedersen) 3:03
13.Pictures from Life's Other Side (Traditional) 4:17
14.Pan American (Hank Williams) 2:45